Accel Value Fund (Fund) is a deep value, long/short equity hedge fund incorporated in April 2011 at Delaware, USA. The Fund is managed by VIF Capital Partners and focuses on investing in publicly listed small to micro-cap companies across different global stock exchanges. We don't have restrictions on industry focus but currently we are investing in TMT (technology, telecom, media), Industrial, Oil/Energy sectors.

Key Statistics:
(Data reported by Interactive Brokers LLC.)

Cumulative Performance since 2011: 69.65%

FY 2013 Performance
Best Return 12.27% (Sep 2013)
Worst Return -8.53% (Apr 2013)

Allocation By Asset Class
(as of Dec 2013)

Longs (Net Exposure to Equity) 96%
Shorts 0%
Cash 4%
Leverage 0%
Foreign Stocks (ADR) 29%

Allocation By Sector
(as of Oct 4 2013)