VIF Consulting (VIFC) is the operating and consulting arm of VIF Capital Partners. VIFC drives value creation through operational excellence, which is a key differentiator in VIF's success and ability to generate unparalleled returns. The VIFC team works in conjunction with the VIF investment professionals and key portfolio company employees to help our current and newly acquired businesses strengthen their operations through the implementation of standardized, repeatable and proven processes and methodologies. 

VIFC is dedicated to providing multiple points of leverage to support our portfolio companies, which includes on-going assistance across the existing portfolio, as well as immediate and critical transformational change for our newly acquired companies. VIFC provides direct oversight and helpful application of our best operational pratices through multiple layers of collaboration.  

For Prospective Clients


We are generalists; we do not specialize by industry. However, over the many years of our experience, we have worked in a wide range of industry segments—within the high level headings of: Software Technology/Media/Telecommunications (TMT); Financial Services; Energy; Industrial..

Corporate projects generally have the overarching objective of measurably enhancing organic growth and/or profitability.

As a rule, projects take from four weeks to three months.


All of our investor clients have a fundamental investment style, and employ a rigorous, highly quantitative approach to thesis formulation and investment due diligence. Many of our investor clients range from technology startups to established public tech firms, from small incubator funds to the most successful hedge funds/private equity/venture capital firms.

As a rule, investor client projects take from three to four weeks.